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Posted on Thu Oct 12th, 2017 @ 1:44am by Commander Zenaida Neniphim & Lieutenant Commander Debbie Robertson, MD

Mission: Shake Down Cruise
Location: Space/USS Zeus
Timeline: Current


Zen looked out into the void of her meeting spot with her new ship, squinting against some of the stars to see if she could see movement. None was out there which started to worry her just a bit. Had the engines blown? Her own communications array had bitten the dust after her last contact with the Zeus, so she wasn't able to send anything out anyhow. Sitting there and waiting she continued to read over the orders she had been given, and the manifest.

"Commander," the helm officer spoke up "I have the commander's shuttle on sensors, we'll arrive at her location in five minutes."

"Good,," Debbie said "Communications hail her and let her know we've arrived. Have the shuttle bay stand by to receive the commander's shuttle."

"No answer on any channel," the helm officer responded. "The shuttle is there but the Commander isn't answering."

"Scan it, make sure sure she's aboard it," Debbie ordered

"There is one life sign commander," Science spoke up "All systems on the shuttle appear to be operating normally."

"Helm you have the bridge, I'll be in shuttle bay two, ready a tractor beam and await my order," Debbie said as she headed for the lift and arrived minutes later in shuttle bay two. Her medical tri-coder slung over one shoulder. "Is the tractor beam ready?"

"It's ready commander," he said

"Bring the shuttle aboard," Debbie replied

Zen looked up confused as the shuttle started moving of its volition, but relaxed as she saw the USS Zeus for the first time. Unbuckling herself she started making sure that everything was in it's proper place. Grabbing a can of smell good, she spritzed herself quickly before tossing that back in the bag. Ten minutes later she was safely docked, the hatch opening. Her first steps were strong and secure as she brought herself to her full height and stature, then smiled as she saw her new XO. "Morning Commander. Sorry for the delay, my communications array went out about half way here."

"Commander," Debbie greeted "That would explain why when we hailed you there was no response. I'll get engineering on the shuttle right away. Would you like to head to the bridge or to your quarters?"

"Engineering can hold off on the shuttle, we'll be turning it in at our next stop. I think the bridge would be best, and then we can have a ship wide Meet and Greet in Cargo Bay 3 if it's still not being used for anything."

"Cargo Bay 3 is empty, I had orders from command to take the ship out on a shake down cruise and work out any bugs until a new commanding officer was found. So far the ship and crew are working well," Debbie said as they made their way to the bridge.

"Odd," Zen said thoughtfully. "Aren't these usually so everything happens now than when we need it most? Give me a brief update of weapons, armor, transporter ability, and shuttles."

"I'll give you a full rundown on everything once we're on the bridge," Debbie replied

"Very good Commander," Zen said as she continued to walk with her new XO, starting to memorize the routes she would be taking. Reading the logs was one thing, but walking the actual halls was almost too much. "How do you find her Commander?"

"She's a good ship, commander," Debbie answered "She's not been fully tested. We have had some minor issues but with a brand new ship that is to be expected." Debbie turned to look at Zen as they walked "With both of us holding commander ranks your more than welcome to call me Debbie, I'm also your chief medical officer unless you have another in mind."

"You wouldn't be here unless you were cut out for the job Debbie," Zen said calmly, wondering if she did know another medic that could serve on board. She didn't, she didn't know of anyone that would come to a brand new ship. "I'll expect all of the heads to report one by one to my ready room after this tour. Except you, of course."

Debbie nodded, "I'll inform the department heads," they arrived at the doors to the bridge, she'd already sent word to expect the commander so it was no surprise when they stepped onto the bridge everyone snapped to attention while someone yelled "Commanding Officer on the bridge. "Commander this is Alpha shift for the bridge."

“Two rules,” Zen said looking around the bridge. “If I step on this bridge and there isn’t an Admiral or some pompous windbag behind me the bridge does not snap to. Also, don’t call Captain or Commander on the bridge unless it’s someone visiting, understood?”

"There were answers of yes sir,"

"At ease and everyone resume your stations," Debbie ordered as she turned to Zen "Trust me this is a one time thing it was meant to show respect to you as our new captain. And now I officially transfer command to you."

"I release you of Command, Lieutenant Commander," Zen said before talking to the ship. "Change of Command, passcode Zulu Zulu 9932 Alpha." The computer chirped it's response. "Everyone carry on, Debbie your still in charge while I wait for the department heads."

"Understood," Debbie said turning to communications "Inform all department heads that Commander Neniphim our new CO wants reports from each of them. They are to meet her in her ready room. Any questions they're to see me."

"Understood commander," communications said as she carried out Debbie's orders


Commander Zenaida Neniphim
Lieutenant Commander Debbie Robertson
USS Zeus


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