USS Zeus NCC-75921

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What Else Could Go Wrong

Posted on Sun Oct 1st, 2017 @ 1:14pm by

Mission: Shake Down Cruise
Location: Marine HQ, USS Zeus
Timeline: Current


John looked around his HQ, and it was in shambles. The previous CO hadn't done anything to keep up with reports, paper work, or equipment. He had started the day in the armory, and gotten exceedingly depressed as time went on. Weapons were missing or in several pieces like they were being repaired but left alone. As he went for the EV suits, they hadn't even been stocked. Hitting a button he bellowed out for a runner to get to the Captain and tell her that there was something wrong in his department. He checked lockers and found messes, bunks and found beds that looked like they had never been made. Hitting another button, he growled an order that everyone in his section was to report to their rooms for a flash inspection, and that they would not have the chance or time to get into their rooms. He waited twenty minutes as he heard the sound of boots hitting the deck, and people rushed around.

Starting at the back of the hall, he entered rooms one by one, tossing items around and out of the rooms. Beds, lockers, clothing, personal items, all of that went into a huge pile in the middle of the hall. For nearly an hour he did this, adding room by room, almost all of the contents of each one. Then he got to his own quarters, and his childrens. Since they were out he opened both and smiled.

"THIS!" He roared to all of his men, stepping to the side of his childrens room. "Is how we keep our rooms. We keep them clean and in good order. Should the ship come under attack we don't need people getting hit by items that are being thrown about. Why is it that two children can keep a place looking like this, but hardened Marines live in a pig sty? You have one hour to get these rooms to code, and then I will be back. And nothing, NOTHING, is to be left on this hallway floor. Dismissed!"

Walking into his office he began the order forms he would have to send up to the Captain, and hopefully they would get the equipment before something more serious happened.


Captain John Mellon
Marine CO
USS Zeus


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