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Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 12:14am by Lieutenant R'nard Lokran

Mission: Shake Down Cruise
Location: Holodeck

R'nard had been on the Zeus for some time, and so far, nothing was happening. He decided to go to the holodeck for a workout, as he was getting out of practice.

There was a Klingon workout that he liked, and he ordered it and went in. There was a staff waiting for him as well as other martial arts weaponry. He soon was beset by foes and he started the battle. He was most dangerous when in clad only in his fur, so he had shed his uniform and went after the monsters. He took up his staff and made do with it, battling the horrors. He moved like lightning, dispatching one after the other. Master B'roo had taught him well, and he was picking up his skill once again.

It was coming back to him. He had been too lazy for a while and he was afraid that he was rusty at it, but no fear, it was ingrained in him, and soon he felt back in shape. He vaulted over an obstacle and did a kick to another foe, laying it flat.

He rested for a while and then changed the program to a Shaolin monastery in China. There, he could spar with the masters. He bowed to the master of the monastery and began sparring with him. He just loved it, feeling the universe flowing through him.


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