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Long Range Run

Posted on Fri Sep 8th, 2017 @ 12:19am by Commander Zenaida Neniphim & Lieutenant Commander Debbie Robertson, MD

Mission: Shake Down Cruise
Location: Shuttle Craft Alonso/ Subspace
Timeline: Current


Zen was on her way. It was time, and it was something that she didn't think was going to happen so quickly. She was still reeling from the unexpected amount of data that she had been given about her new vessel, and her crew. She had never thought of all the information that was suddenly in her lap. From full biological records, to mission reports, anything she ever wanted to know about them. Keying up her subspace communications array right before punching the shuttle into Warp Space, she waited for the Zeus to answer her hails while she made sure the shuttle was stable, at a good speed, and conserving what fuel she did have.

"Commander we're receiving a hail," the officer manning communications announced

"Open channel," Debbie ordered

"Your on commander," came the response

"This is Lieutenant Commander Debbie Robertson in command of the Federation Starship USS Zeus, how can we be of assistance?"

"No assistance is needed," Zen said as she heard the voice. A split second later her face popped up on the view screen. "Well hello every body, my name is Commander Zenaida Neniphim, and I'm currently on a long range shuttle craft headed to your destination, to join your crew." Her smile was as bright as a star as she surveyed the bridge crew. "How is everyone doing today?"

Debbie glanced at her bridge crew briefly and turned her attention back to the main screen. "Everyone is fine, the ship is out on her shake down cruise. I've not received any word on new crew."

"Oh you hadn't?" Zen asked before looking down at her padd, shooting the information off to her new ship. "There you go, there are my new orders for the USS Zeus." Her smile would have been infectious if it had been in person. "Would you prefer that we keep this conversation up somewhere more private?"

Something told Debbie that would be the best idea, not sure why. Turning to the operations officer "You have the com, communications transfer this to my ready room." getting the nods from both officers Debbie walked into her office and took a seat at her desk. Communications let her know the switch had been made. Opening her lap top "We're now secured commander I'm in my ready room. I've read your orders that your the new CO. What can I do for you?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to meet my senior staff," Zen said kindly before switching gears. "There's going to be a couple of changes to the rotations. I'd like five shifts, Alpha through Echo, so the people's days are shorter. I'd also like to know what our scientific abilities are for the Zeus, or is she just a war ship?"

"I'm the Chef Medical Officer as well as your First Officer unless you wish to change that, the ship has two fully staffed science departments and as well as a well staffed science lab. We're more than a war ship," Debbie replied "I'll see who we have aboard that is command certified for taking the remaining shifts. Mine will cross with you as I know you'll want Alpha and I come on during Alpha, work Beta shift. As well as keeping an eye on things in sick bay."

"You can take alpha if you'd like, and then we will split Beta and I'll take Charlie Shift. I've always preferred afternoons to so early in the morning," Zen said with a laugh. "Unless you'd like a different shift?"

Debbie shook her head, "I'm an early riser, I have no problem with taking Alpha shift. Do you want me to come about and pick you up?"

"No, I'm enjoying the chance to read over everything. Continue on your course, I'll be there in about three days at current speed. Just make sure that all is ready to go when I get there, there's a a mission that came down from on high for us."

"I'll have things ready," Debbie assured her "Any other orders for me or the rest of the crew?"

"No, just make sure that there are no major issues that need to be taken care of before we go off. I do need you to max out the warp core at least once before I meet with you at your final destination."

"There is no final destination, as when I assumed command we had commanding officer. I took command until we were assigned one. I'll max out the warp core and meet with you in three days," Debbie said.

"Sounds like a plan Commander. When I get there, we will get down to business. Neniphim out."


Commander Zenaida Neniphim
Lieutenant Commander Debbie Robertson
USS Zeus


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