USS Zeus NCC-75921

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A New Ship, Again

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 12:40am by Lieutenant Michael Dooley & Ensign David Branch

Mission: Intermission
Location: USS Zeus
Timeline: Current

Michael stepped off the transporter padd and started down the hall of the USS Zeus. According the preliminary reports that were available to him, the ship had been docked for nearly ten months and was now in need of a shakedown cruise to test the systems. It was exciting times for Michael. He had been reassigned twice in the same month; but, he had apparently made a good impression seeing that he now donned two full pips and the dual position of Chief Intelligence and Second Officer.

He quickly stopped by his quarters and made sure that all was stowed away correctly. Afterwards, he made his way to the Intelligence Bay to find his office and hopefully see his staff roster before continuing.

A familiar face was present in the main Intelligence Bay, Ensign David Branch. Michael strode over towards him, "Ensign, I'm glad to see that you've made it over."

"Yes sir, thank you for requesting my transfer as well. I don't believe I would have made it if stuck on a Starbase... again."

Michael gave a short chuckle. "That's quiet alright. Please join me in my office." He looked around, "Wherever it is?"

"Over here, sir." David said while motioning towards a door.

The two men walked in, but Michael declined to sit. He folded his arms while standing and asked, "How is the staff shaping up?"

"Good," David replied. "ninety-percent of the Intelligence staff from the Arthur have transferred over. However, as you know, we were only three-quarters staffed over there."

"Yeah, I've requested a full compliment before we leave dock." Michael stated.

"Other than that, we're running smoothly. All of the equipment have passed diagnostics so far."

Michael nodded. "Branch, I want to be frank with you."

The hair on the back of David's neck stood up a little. Had he done something wrong, or at least, something he shouldn't have? "Yes sir?" was his solemn reply.

"I will be relying on you a little more each day as the Zeus gets ready to leave dock. Intelligence has declined to assign an Assitant Chief."

"I understand," David said with a sigh of relief. "Anything you need."

Michael returned the smile. "Thank you. I'll let you get back to your work now."


Lieutenant Michael Dooley
Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer
Ensign David Branch
Intelligence Officer


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