USS Zeus NCC-75921

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First Day

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 2:30pm by Lieutenant Commander Debbie Robertson, MD & Commander Voric Miller

Mission: Intermission
Location: Transporter Room 2
Timeline: Current


The transporters pad simmered with blue light, making the appearance of four curtains. A large Marine, two children, and a pile of luggage showed on the transporter. The little girl picked up a small pink bag mutely, the boy grabbed two slightly larger duffles, and the Marine grabbed the remainder of it. Three large duffles and an assault bag, before nodding to the transport operator. Reaching out to a wall panel as they stepped out of the transporter room, John tapped in his name. He was hoping that they would already be in the system and they were. The trio marched silently down the halls to their new listing, John with Captain bars on him not knowing that a new promotion had come through. Nodding to several of the Marines that were saluting, James came to the point where the lights came to a stop, he stepped in front of the door. As it opened he saw the three bedrooms laid out with a large living room and desk for him. Nodding he went to the left and the one room that was there, where he laid down his ear then came back out.

"Alright both of you," John said to his kids as he kneeled down to get close to their eye level. "As soon as I report in to the CO here, we will go exploring. We'll find your teachers, and where the other children congregate. This is not going to be like the Aries. You're not going to hide in our quarters and be loners."

"Fine," the boy said. "As long as you don't bring home another Marilyn, there wont be that issue."

"I know I made a mistake there, and I'm sorry. But that's not going to happen again. As soon as you tell me that they're bad people, then they're going to be out of our lives. We're not going to have that issue again I promise." The little girl walked up and mutely gave him a huge hug which John also gave back to her. "Now both of you unpack and I'll be home as soon as I can." Standing he walked out of his apartments and once again keyed the wall so he could be led to the bridge. He lost count of his steps as he made his way to the bridge then stood looking over the heart and brain of his new home, taking in everything.

As a Marine, he was taking notice of positions, where enemies could be hiding, where they could attack from. And where he could defend from as well.

Debbie looked up from the console she'd been monitoring when the lift doors opened. Spotting a new marine "I'm Commander Robertson can I help you?"

"Marine Captain John Mellen reporting in Ma'am. My kids are already stowed away, and I wanted to make sure that the CO and XO knew I was here." Looking around the bridge he was still cataloging everything that he looked at. "Would you know where to find them Ma'am?"

"You found the first officer," Debbie said "The captain is in his ready room."

"If you would lead the way Ma'am." John said looking her dead in the eye. "Since I'm sure there is something the both of you would need to tell me."

Debbie led the way to the ready room and hit the chime for permission to answer.

"Voric was getting his new ready room on the USS Zeus ready for departure since having the tour with Vice-Admiral Barks, "Enter."

Debbie walked in followed closely by John "Commander sorry to disturb you, but headquarters has sent us a Marine Commander. This is Major John Mellen."

"Marine Captain, not Major Ma'am," John said without looking at her while he stood at parade rest. "John Mellen and family reporting for duty."

"At ease, Major. Did you arrive without a problem?" Voric asked

John bit his tongue at the rank again, but nodded. "The Aries was coming this way anyhow, we got a quick transfer and already found our quarters thanks to the computer." Looking about the Captains office he was once again taking note of any attack or choke points. "May I ask why you both keep calling me Major? I was only granted the rank of Captain two days ago according to my orders." Setting down his padd he didn't look at it to see the new message about the rank change to Major.

"I received orders I would be receiving a Major and that was it was a John Mellen with the rank of Major, that is probably the shortest time as a rank before getting promoted to a new one, Major!"

"I've never heard of that before," John said with a slight shrug. But I'll take it either way. So what are my orders concerning the men?"

Commander Miller said, "Colonel Conelly the previous CO is now at headquarters speak with him and see where the unit stands. Captain Rain is your XO she is a good officer and can get things done for you."

"After you and your children are settled and you've had a chance to see to your marines report to me in sick bay for your boarding physicals. I'll need to check out the girls too," Debbie said

" If my son is a girl, then she'll make a damn fine Marine," John said with a small smile. "I'll make sure to bring the kids over as soon as I talk to the Colonel. They understand that work comes first, which is always a good thing. Do we have a psychologist on board?"

Commander Miller answered, "We don't but we can request one, if you like Major." He looked at the doctor.

"I'll send a request to the base," Debbie replied "In the meantime I can act as counselor if need be. All doctors take a course in it in the academy."

"We might need someone trained solely in psychology to help. If either of you have looked at my file, you'll see my daughter doesn't talk after her mother's accident. We were starting to get somewhere with the doctor on the Aries, but then she shut down again before I put in my transfer." Shaking his head John smiled. "Either way I'll let both of you get back to your duties and start conducting mine. Is there anything I need to know of?"

"Not that I can think of," Debbie said "But bring your daughter by sick bay, I have a doll I've used several times with children who are victims of different traumas and such. Sometimes they won't talk to an adult but a doll sometimes gets them to open up. Now I can't promise but it is worth a shot. I had a girl several years ago who witnessed her mother being raped and strangled. She stopped talking and I tried the doll and it worked. She told the doll everything she saw and Starfleet was able to arrest and prosecute the man responsible. The girl was eight and the only witness."

Voric got concerned and asked, "Does she need protection of any kind, Major?"

"No, she witnessed the transporter accident that took her mother, and the ball of slime that my sister became. It wasn't an attack, just human error. And we tried the doll thing with our old doctor, it didn't work."

Debbie was disappointed that the new major would not let her try, it seemed to her he didn't trust her to make the attempt. But she kept her thoughts to herself, would he trust her to be the children's doctor?

"If there's nothing else, then I'll go check in with my men and see to getting their psychicals up to date before getting them up and running with my terms." John saluted both and smiled. "I'm not hard to find if you ever need anything from me or my men."

"Dismissed, Major." Voric said

Nodding John turned and left the ready room, on his way to his area of operations.

"I better get to sick bay and see how many of the marines are due for physicals. I'll be on the bridge for launch," Debbie said once the major had left "I really wish he'd let me try with his daughter. Just because the doll didn't work before there is no reason not to try again. But she's his child."

Voric said, "You will get the chance, Doctor. Soon enough. I'm going to the bridge to start systems up."

"And I'll head to sick bay, see how things are and I'll join you on the bridge by the time we launch," Debbie said

Voric said, "Sounds good, Commander, I look forward to your presence."

Debbie nodded as she headed out for sickbay.

Commander Voric Miller
USS Zeus
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Debbie Robertson
USS Zeus
Executive Officer/Chief Medical Officer

Major John Mellen
USS Zeus
Marine Commanding Officer



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