USS Zeus NCC-75921

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High Stakes On the Table

Posted on Mon Jul 3rd, 2017 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant Michael Dooley & Vice Admiral Chris Barks

Mission: Intermission
Location: Vice Admiral Barks Office
Timeline: Immediately after "An Impromptu Meeting"

Michael found himself face to face with Vice Admiral Barks office's doors. After a meeting with Commander Miller, an impromptu meeting with an impromptu CO, he was instructed to meet with Barks, but without an explanation. Michael wasn't the one for getting worked up due to circumstances, but was finding it difficult to do so in this situation.

He reached out and touched the door chime.

Having Commander Miller just left and now it was ringing again Chris said, "Enter."

Michael stepped in and stood straight but relaxed so that he wouldn't pass out. "Commander Miller told me to report to you, sir; I'm Lieutenant Michael Dooley."

"Ah! Lieutenant Dooley, come in. How are you? Can I get you anything? Admiral Barks asked

Michael nodded while remaining standing. "I'm well, thank you sir; and, no, I'm fine."

"I'll get to the point, Lieutenant, Commander Miller just left and he wanted to make you his second officer. I am promoting you to full Lieutenant and here are the command codes for the 2XO." He handed out a PADD

Even though Michael wasn't one to visibly show his emotions, he couldn't help but raise his eye brows and simply stare at the PADD prior to taking. Eventually, though it was only a few second, he took hold of the PADD and said, "Thank you sir."

"Don't thank me, you may regret it, but you are welcome, congratulations, Lieutenant!"

It then hit Michael; he could possibly regret it. Either way, he was always open for the challenge. "Will there be command training in the works?" He asked while regaining his composure.

"Yes, Commander Miller will make sure you receive it on your next mission. You also need to become familiar with the new ship the USS Zeus.

"Understood, sir." Michael said with a genuine smile. His future was looking upward for him and he was extremely pleased.

"Good! Dismissed, Lieutenant." Chris said as he grapped a PADD to look over.

Michael turned to leave while opening up the information on the PADD provided to him.


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