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Dark Nights, Part I

Posted on Mon May 22nd, 2017 @ 2:30am by Lieutenant Michael Dooley

Mission: Mission 1: A New CO
Location: Dooley's Quarters
Timeline: Current


Flashing strobes hit Michael’s eyes and they made him dizzy, sick to his stomach, and almost faint. He violently shook his head to overcome the encompassing feelings that were jerking his body. Walls presented themselves at every direction; tall matte black walls. Michael couldn’t find where the lights were coming from and they seemed to intensify the more he turned his head in every direction.

After what seemed like an eternity, the lights stopped flashing and shinned with a steady and intense burn that felt like the beams hit the back of Michael’s head. With his hands, Michael covered his eyes to stop the burning, but his eyes still watered as if there were chemicals in them. While squeezing his eyes closed and covering them the best he could with one hand, Michael extending the other hand and began to shuffle around the room.

Michael first ran into a wall that slightly depressed as if it was rubber. He pushed and shoved and even though it gave a little, it wouldn’t move. Without his normal thought process, Michael realized what he was doing wasn’t working. He began to run with one arm still extended into the wall. Even though he first saw a room with four walls, he was now running and couldn’t find the corners for the walls.

Michael ran until he was out of breath but he kept pushing, kept fighting, even though his eyes felt like they were going to explode; his chest felt like it was being pressed between two blocks, and he legs felt like jell-o. Then wham; he hit a stiff wall and fell back on his ass so hard that he knocked the wind out of his chest. He laid there and gasped for each breath that wasn’t there.

Michael was so focused on his breathing that he hadn’t realized the lights had diminished. The area, whatever and wherever it was, was now dimly lit in a manner that was analogous to a starships emergency lighting. But, if this was a ship, it was nothing that Michael recognized. Dark grey walls were all that he could see, but he couldn’t tell how many there were. His head was throbbing with extreme pain and he couldn’t distinguish between how many walls he could see.

Michael finally was able to stand up, even though he initially thought he wasn’t going to be able to. He looked around and found multiple seams in the wall, that was now hard, unlike what the wall that he had just ran down and followed. He began to pull at the seams, each and every one, but none would budge. He pushed and pushed every seam that he came to, but was ultimately getting nowhere.

Then, one gave a slight budge. Michael almost jumped and continued to push. The seam opened slowly but Michael couldn’t see anything past a faint light. He wasn’t sure where it opened to or even why he was trying to open it; maybe survival instincts? He hadn’t thought about why, he just continued to push and push until he was able to wedge himself through the door.
Then Michael jerked and opened his eyes to his almost dark quarters. He sat up on his bed, breathing hard. A drip of sweat fell into his eye and it stung. “Computer, what time is it?” he asked.

“It is zero three thirty hours,” he got for a response; almost two hours before his alarm was set to waken him on his day of work on the Arthur.

Michael was able to stumble out of bed and over to the replicator where he asked for a glass of room temperature water, received it, and basically chugged it. He couldn’t explain the dream he had just went through, nor could he remember all the details. Michael didn’t think he had a dream of the sort before, as far as he could remember. Figuring it was best to forget about it and focus on the day’s big events, Michael walked over to his sonic shower so that he could begin his morning routine.



Lieutenant JG Michael Dooley
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Arthur


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