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First, Official, Day on the Job

Posted on Mon May 15th, 2017 @ 3:42am by Lieutenant Michael Dooley & Ensign David Branch

Mission: Mission 1: A New CO
Location: USS Arthur
Timeline: Current, After Meeting with Department Heads

[Dooley’s Quarters]

Michael exited his sonic shower, quickly shaved, and put on a crisp new uniform. It was only his third day on the new assignment, but was his first shift scheduled. Thus far, he was thoroughly impressed with the ship and the members of the crew which he had met. The Chief Medical, Operations, and Security Officers had all been helpful on their initial reports on the status of their departments during the first cruise of the ship.

After his personal appearance was as Michael wanted it, he stepped over to his personal desk and placed a PAD into the dock so that the information needed for his first day on the job could be transferred onto his mobile device. The day’s tasks were simple; Michael had to meet his personal staff and complete the report to be sealed on the status of the ship and her crew.

[Tactical Information Center, Upper Level, Deck 4]

Michael entered the upper level of the Tactical Information Center, where his office was located. The center was a shared operation between the Security and Intelligence Departments; though, it was mostly staffed by Tactical Officers due to the differences in the size and staffing of the two departments.

After stepping into his office, Michael sat behind his desk and pulled up the day’s information onto his computer terminal screen. The information contained a list of information concerning the daily operations of the ship, but the list that Michael was interested in was the crew transfer log. One of the most important tasks for the Intelligence Department was ensuring that those who are on the ship are who they are supposed to be. From who Michael spoke with so far, and from what Michael found himself, all was checking out.

A sudden door chime interrupted Michael’s concentration, so he stated, “Come in.” A black-haired man, who appeared to be younger than Michael, stepped in.

The man stated, “Sir, Ensign David Branch checking in with you. I’ve been waiting for you to come in.”

Michael’s eye brows raised slightly and he said, “I am thirty-minutes early, though.”

David replied, “Yes sir, I know that. I was an hour early.”

Michael stayed seating in his chair, looking at the Ensign for a moment before replying. Michael enjoyed attempting to read people, though this situation had never occurred to him previously. He stated, “Have a seat David. I haven’t had a chance to look through much of the personnel files ... how long have you been aboard?”

David replied, “About three months sir.”

Michael nodded his head and continued, “What would be your assessment of the ship, thus far?” Michael assumed that David had not been asked a question as loaded as that before because of his delayed reaction.

David replied, “Well ... everything seems up to par so far, if that’s what you’re asking?”

Michael shook his head to show disagreement and replied, “Not exactly. Has there been anything out of the ordinary, in the sense of odd personnel changes or folks not reporting in as scheduled?”

David shook his head, wondering where the line of questioning was going. He had hoped this would be a simple ‘meet and greet,’ not much more. Nevertheless, he replied, “No sir. Nothing has caught my eye, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Michael, sensing that there wasn’t anything to be learned from his questioning, let up on David and said, “Very well. I can tell you aren’t sure where this is going and so I apologize, since this is the first meeting and all.” Michael let out a short chuckle, in the hope that David would relax a little. “I’m asking because training and personal experience has shown me that the first cruise of a ship, especially after a refit and new crew, is when it is most vulnerable to outside interference.”

David, who was attempting to follow Dooley in the best way that he could, was still unsure where the conversation was leading and his facial expressions clearly showed it.

Michael continued, “Take, in a hypothetical situation, that the Ferengi wished to plant a spy or mole on a starship, one as large as the Excalibur Class ... the most valuable opportunity to do so is directly after a refit and during the ships first voyage with a new crew. Folks don’t know one another too well, enlisted folk want to make sure the officers are impressed, and department heads want to make sure that every piece of equipment is accounted for an operational. Focus is driven away from the finer details.”

David gave a drawn out “yeah ... It makes sense, now that you put it that way.” He suddenly shifted in his seat when the next thought came to mind, so he asked, “Sir, is there any intel that may suggest that the Ferengi ...”

Michael cut him off by raising his hand and chuckling. “Don’t come out of your drawers. There has not been information to suggest anything of the sort. That was simply a hypothetical situation for sake of a better understanding.”

David gave a sigh of relief and said, “In today’s time, anything is possible.”

Michael, who couldn’t agree with the younger man more, was pleased with his outlook. “That’s correct; anything is possible. Now I’m not completely sure what your intentions were when you came into my office, but I want to make one thing known. With various forces at work, especially in the sensitive area which the Arthur will be operating, it is our simple job to collect data, assimilate it to find whether it contains any pertinent information, and go from there. We must also take all appropriate measures to confront information that we come across or are given.”

After a short pause to allow his short, but important, speech to settle in, Michael asked, “Can you do that?”

David, who then noticed his hands slightly perspiring, quickly said “Yes sir.”

Michael nodded and stood up to extend his hand. “Very well. I look forward to working with you.” After a quick handshake, he asked, “Now, what is on the agenda today?

David replied, “The daily reports from the forward posts arrive, but that’s all we have so far.”

Michael replied, “Very good. Let me know if anything comes up. Dismissed, Ensign.”

With the conversation over, David exited the office feeling relatively happy and content with the interaction. Dooley didn’t seem like the worst, nor a hard ass.

Michael fell back into his chair, then turned around to the replicator located behind him. “Coffee, hot, black and sweet.” He then took the steaming cup from the opening and began to slowly sip on it as he pulled up Ensign David Branches personnel file.


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