USS Zeus NCC-75921

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An Impromptu Meeting

Posted on Wed Jun 28th, 2017 @ 4:28pm by Lieutenant Michael Dooley & Commander Voric Miller

Mission: Intermission
Location: USS Arthur
Timeline: Current

[Dooley’s Quarters]

Michael sat in his quarters mulling over the day’s meetings with the various department heads. When a new or refitted starship was first put to space, Starfleet required the Chief Intelligence Officer file a secured a sealed report on the initial status of the ship and its crew; even though the report would not be sent to Starfleet. The report was a type of fall back system, in the event of a ‘worst case scenario.’ Of course, Michael was to report anything that he deemed in conflict with the integrity or the ship or crew, if he came across it. Luckily, he had found none thus far.

Michael stepped to the rear of the quarters in hopes of removing the uniform and taking a quick sonic shower before heading to bed, with the hopes of getting a wonderful sleep before his first duty shift. His mind went over the various department head meetings he had so far, ranging from Medical to Security and eventually the Operations Department.

[Main Bridge/CO's Ready Room]

He anticipated the need to meet the new CO; so, he made sure his appearance was in top shape and made his way to the bridge and rang the door chime to the Commander's ready room.

Voric was preparing for his new role and getting things ready. He heard the chime and said, "Enter."

Michael stepped into the office and stated, "Lieutenant Michael Dooley, reporting for duty." He hated being at attention and saying those words, but this was his first interaction with the new CO and while Michael didn't give much thought into what people viewed of him, he knew a good first impression would make his job much easier.

"Yes, Lieutenant, Hello. What can I do for you?" Voric asked as he ran around the room organizing things.

Having been in this situation many times, Michael just gave a quick nod and said, "just reporting in, sir."

"Very Good, Lieutenant. Do you have anything to report right now?" He was losing his composure.

Michael stood in a mild awe; he hadn't seen many Vulcans get worked up. "No sir, nothing at the moment."

"I see, are your men combat certified?" Commander Miller asked. He wanted to get more people security trained and ready for anything.

Michael returned a slight and somewhat nervous nod. Intelligence officers were sly and covert; their mission failed if combat was needed. Nevertheless, he was unaware of where the Arthur was to be ordered and knew to trust the judgement of the Commander. "

"Around half of the staff are, including myself. I can get with Captain.... Rain, I believe, and get the rest certified, if that's approved?"

"Do that, Lieutenant, have a meeting with Vice-Admiral Barks, I'm not sure what he wants, but get to it, Lieutenant."

Michael nodded, "Yes sir. I'll do so after I leave." He hadn't met with an officer of that high rank; but, he was just an officer as he was.

"Good, get to it, Lieutenant, anything else?"

"No sir," Michael commented. He was already thinking over how to continue. He would have to located the Admirals office and hopefully catch him there.

"Dismissed, Lieutenant."

Commander Voric Miller
Commanding Officer
USS Zeus


Lieutenant JG Michael Dooley
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Zeus


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