USS Zeus NCC-75921

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Security & Intelligence Go Hand in Hand

Posted on Sun Jul 9th, 2017 @ 6:19pm by Lieutenant Michael Dooley & Lieutenant R'nard Lokran

Mission: Intermission
Timeline: Current

After completing a physical with Lieutenant Commander Robertson, Michael began to walk back to his quarters. He was thinking over how the interaction had went, as he usually did with first impressions. The closer he got to the turbo lift, the more he began to compare Robertson to previous medical officers he had met while floating from ship to ship during the previous four years of his Starfleet career.

Once in the turbo-lift, Michael began to advise the computer to take him to his quarters on deck three. However, he remembered something from thinking back to his previous posting: the most important relationship he had built with other another Department Head was the Security Chief. He had practically worked hand in hand with the people in that position while floating ships. So, instead of advising the computer to go to deck three, Michael asked, "Where is the Chief of Security located?"

"Lieutenant Lokran is located in the Primary Security Office on deck five."

"Deck five, then" Michael replied.

[Main Security Office, Deck Five]

The doors leading into the main security office were partially transparent with the Starfleet Badge displayed. Stepping into the office, Michael was met by a young crewman sitting behind a desk and various doors leading into what Michael supposed were offices.

The crewman stood, seeing who it was. "I will go get Lieutenant Lokran for you, sir." He left. Soon, what looked like a Terran raccoon came out and approached. "I am Lt. R'nard Lokran, I am pleased to meet you." he said.

Michael extended his hand, firmly shaking Lokran's. He stated, "I am Lieutenant Dooley, Chief of Intelligence. Its a pleasure. Perhaps we can speak in your office?"

"Of course," he said, "Come with me. I have often worked with Intelligence in my missions on Special Forces."

Michael stepped into Lokran's office with Michael taking a seat in an empty chair and Lokran sitting in his chair. Michael continued, "I am making rounds with most of the department heads, just checking in. Sort of going off what you said, Lieutenant, I've worked extensively with Starfleet Security on previous assignments." Michael opened the PAD that he had in his hand and after a quick look, he asked, "For initial reports, has anything been off or out of place so far on this initial cruise?"

"So farr, nothing has been out of place." said R'nard. "I am rrunning my people through drrills, and so far, things are going smoothly."

Michael gave a nod, "very good. I just wanted to check in with folks and touch base with them before launch. I'm always available if your department needs assistance."

"And I will be available if your department needs assistance as well," said R'nard. "I look forward to working together with you."

Michael offered a smile before turning to leave. Unsure of where they were going to be heading to, but confident in the progress he had made so far.

Lt. R'nard Lokran
Chief of Tactical/Security
USS Arthur

Lt. Michael Dooley
Chief Intelligence Officer


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