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Why Physicals?

Posted on Mon May 15th, 2017 @ 5:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Debbie Robertson, MD & Lieutenant Michael Dooley

Mission: Mission 1: A New CO
Location: USS Arthur
Timeline: Current

[Michael Quarters]

With his uniforms, boots, towels, and undergarments placed in their respective drawers, Michael finally sat down in a chair to take everything in. Due to the lateness of his arrival, he was unable to get any unpacking completed the day before.

He closed his eyes and rocked his head backwards, resting it comfortably on the top of the chair. His thoughts swiftly carried him away to younger times, when challenges in life seemed easier. Michael pictured his brother Sean, his grandmother Sara, and himself taking long walks through massive atria on Earth. A smile crossed his face as he remembered the time Sean stepped on a poisonous Bolian wild vine, causing his foot and ankle to swell to the point his skin nearly burst.

However, the next thought caused Michael to shake his head. Michael remembered the young operations officer, who showed him to his quarters, also stated that he would need to get a physical, if he had not had one recently. He stood up and walked over to a computer terminal, touched the voice prompt, and asked, "Where is main sickbay located?" The computer responded, "deck seven."

[Main Sickbay]

A few minutes later, Michael casually strode into the main sickbay and stepped up to the nearest officer wearing the teal uniform of Medical and Science staff. "Excuse me ma'am, where may I find someone to go over a quick physical?"

"Doctor Robertson is in her office," the nurse said "Just head straight back and you'll find her."

Michael nodded his head in acknowledgment. He turned left and headed towards a set of wide open doors that he assumed as the Doctors office, and asked "Doctor Robertson? I'm Lieutenant Dooley and am need of a physical."

"I saw your transfer come through," Debbie said getting to her feet and pulling on her lab coat, she offered her hand "I'm the CMO Dr. Robertson and the ship's second officer welcome aboard. Let's get you on a bio bed. Is there anything I need to know about that is not in your file?"

Michael began to walk from the office with Dr. Robertson and took a seat on an open bed which she pointed towards. Nodding his head, "Everything is in my file. I had a pretty bad injury to the rear of my neck years ago, but it hasn't bothered me in years."

"I read that," Debbie said as she scanned him "But it doesn't say how it happened."

Michael showed a smile with a short chuckle. He said, "I was wrestling with my brother. I slipped, lost my balance, and fell about twenty feet flat on my back." With a short pause, Michael continued, "I know I'm a few years older than most, but even with the neck injury, I feel very good."

Debbie checked the monitors for his hear, respiration and pulse and finished her scans "It sounds like typical brothers. Age is just a number sometimes age also brings experience. I'd not worry about it. Other than that your in good health, if all the crew was as healthy as you they'd not need a doctor. I'm not showing any effects from that fall."

Content with the report of his health, Michael remembered that he needed some quick information for his initial report on the condition of the ship and its crew. After the monitors had shut off, Michael sat up on the bio bed. He asked, "If the physical is complete, I have a few questions concerning your department."

"Sure what's on your mind and officially your cleared for active duty I'll make sure the captain gets the report," Debbie said pulling up a chair and taking a seat.

Michael thought over quickly all that he needed to ask and ultimately wished he had taken a few notes down on a PAD prior to meeting with the Doctor. He said, "Whenever a ship get a relatively new crew, new together at least, and takes its first cruise, there are a number of factors that ... worry Starfleet Intelligence and Security. During the pre-mission meetings, stocking of your facilities, and cruise so far, is everything okay?" Michael realized that his question may be ambiguous, so he clarified with, "Is there anything that has seemed out of the place?"

"Not that I've noticed, but like any department head I've set up sick bay the way I wanted it, that meant some rearranging of things," Debbie commented.

Michael continued with the questions, though happy with the interaction so far. "Has all of your staff reported in on time, and all been correct as far as personnel issues goes?"

Debbie thought a minute, "I had one intern who was a few hours late when I questioned him he informed me his shuttle was delayed and after checking with command it was confirmed. Otherwise there has been no issues."

Michael stood up from the bed and began to walk towards the door to exit. He offered Dr. Robertson a warm smile and said, "thank you Doctor, for the quick physical and your help."

"Anytime," Debbie said getting to her feet as well, smiling back

Michael stepped out of sickbay and headed back to his quarters to pick up a few notes and continue his meetings with department heads.



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