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A New Ship, and a New Beginning

Posted on Fri May 12th, 2017 @ 2:44am by Lieutenant Michael Dooley

Mission: Mission 1: A New CO
Location: USS Arthur
Timeline: Backstory

As the newer Runabout, USS Malik, landed in the ship’s shuttle bay, a slight jar was presented to the passengers in the cabin. Sitting thirteen hours in a stiff chair was not Michael’s first choice of travel, but was ultimately required when he was assigned to ship already underway. The ride hadn’t been a complete waste, as Michael was given the opportunity to read a variety of Starfleet Intelligence reports concerning the recent developments in the Raeyan Transit Corridor and Starfleet’s general plan to contain numerous problems in the region. Spending ten years jumping from ship to ship in the Alpha Quadrant, which presented its own problems, had left Michael unseen to the developments “across the way.”

Once the Malik’s passengers were given clearance to depart, Michael stepped off the vessel and was met by a ships junior Operations Officer; a young Vulcan female.

Without presenting her name, she quaintly asked, “Lieutenant Dooley?” Michael nodded his head in response. The slight jolt upon landing hadn’t bothered him, but something was suddenly affecting his upper stomach. Perhaps it was the idea of a permanent assignment; or rather, it was an idea which the young Vulcan presented. The thought that Michael would have to learn a new crew with their own characteristics and traits did intimidate him.

The young officer replied, “You have been assigned Staff Quarters on Deck twenty-three. You will need to authorize this PAD so that your belongings may be transported to your cabin,” extending the PAD in Michael’s direction. To begin, Michael simply looked at the Vulcan, which he did not know, as if he didn’t understand her words. However, his slight hesitance quickly faded. He took and PAD and authorized the removal of his belongings by scanning his thumbprint.

After returning the PAD, the Vulcan turned around and began to walk towards the bay doors while still speaking to Michael directly. “We are currently on an initial Shakedown Cruise and are in route to the Raeyan Transit Corridor so that we may reach Starbase 101.” The two stepped into the hall and took a right. The young officer was still speaking to Michael, though he hadn’t responded with any words. “If you have not had a physical within the past sixteen months, you will need to visit sickbay as soon as possible.” The pair entered the turbo-lift and the Vulcan stated, “Deck twenty-three.” Then, she continued the apparent monologue with Michael. “While it is not scheduled, all new crew members should meet with Captain Richardson as soon as possible; preferably before your first duty assignment, which is tomorrow at 1800 hours.”

After reaching the desired deck, the turbo-lift doors opened and Michael followed the young officer to his quarters. Once there, she stated, “These are your quarters. The belongings which you brought with you should be transported there by now. If you have any questions, direct them to the computer first and then contact the Operations Department if it remains unresolved.” The Vulcan then pressed a button on the door-op-keypad and they opened. Afterwards, she turned and walked away from Michael and his new home on Deck twenty-three.

As Michael stepped into the rooms, he was not amazed by the size and elegance of the Excalibur Class starship. No; Michael was thinking over the recent encounter with the young Operations officer. As he took a seat in an empty chair, Michael began to pick apart what he knew about Vulcans and ultimately concluded that his treatment was a common characteristic, so he should not have been surprised.

Michael had to shake his head back and forth, a notion of getting back to square one, to get his mind off the encounter. He then looked in the corner and saw his small cases of belongings neatly stacked like he left them on the Malik. Reasoning that he plenty of time to unpack and a short amount of time to make first impressions, Michael checked his appearance in the mirror and stepped out in the hall. He would first introduce himself to his department and then contact Captain Richardson. All in all, Michael felt relatively well about the ship and this new journey, so far...



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