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Exam results and discussions

Posted on Thu Apr 27th, 2017 @ 2:28am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Gillian Carter, MD & Lieutenant Commander Debbie Robertson, MD

Mission: Mission 1: A New CO
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Current

Gill was always keen to learn more and had sat some exams a few months ago if she passed they were the first in a long line of exams and training exercises to qualify her as a surgical nurse and also in triage.

She hovered nervously near the Sickbay office almost twenty minutes earlier than requested by the boss. Today was the day she would learn if she could progress her training or just give up.

Debbie set the PADD down that contained Gil's report card so to speak. "Come on in Gil, I have your test results."

Gill walked it to the office and stood by the desk fidgeting her hands she hated results days.

"I don't bite, have a seat Gil," Debbie said as she slid the PADD across the desk "This your test results, read them over and then we'll talk."

Gill looked them over then sighed she had one fail, oxygen therapy in the triage exam. She shook her head in disappointment. " What now?" She asked sadly

"You retake it, I failed that one too on my first try," Debbie said "Triage is very fast paced, split second decisions and yes a mistake can be fatal. I'll set up a holo-deck simulation for you and you run it until you get it right. They'll give you another exam and this time I know you'll pass."

" Thank you for all your help, I would hate to make it through the academy and then fail as I enter the real medical world."

"I won't let that happen," Debbie assured her "Study up on it, I'll set up the program in a day or two and you can run it as many times as you need to. It will tell you pass or fail do not be discouraged we all make mistakes. As doctors and nurses we're not supposed to but it does happen. I'll even set you up to do a trac,"

Gill looked up, this she had studied but had never run a simulation but was also keen to learn.

" I think I Definitely need to do more holo programs on this but if you are sure I can pass then I will give it my full attention."

"I'm positive you can pass," Debbie assured her

" Thank you for believing in me"

"Your going to be a good nurse, and you'll find I don't give up on someone when I see promise and I see that in you," Debbie said

" You seem to be the only one who knows my history, the trouble I have been in, my depression and the times I have been held back. but still you believe in me that is special and i will not let you down"

"That's because I read up on my people, I want the best and you have the makings of being the best. So relax, I'll set up the program and you run it until you get it right. Once you do, then you retake the test and this time you'll pass it," Debbie assured her

" Thank you so very much"

"Your most welcome,"


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