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Surriat finally arrived to his quarters. He started to unpack his uniforms and was amazed that he already was made the Assistant Chief Medical Officer of sickbay and also the fact that he was part of a pilot program of Marine Doctors.

"I have arrived on the USS Arthur and I have met Colonel Conelly and his XO First Lieutenant Heather Rain, they seem like very efficient officers and I look forward to working with them. I have also met the Chief Medical Officer for the ship and because I am a doctor and my rank of have been made Assistant Chief Medical officer. I wonder what adventures we will run into and what will happen, I want to go on the next away mission and see the galaxy, that is why I joined the Marine Starfleet. I am going to get familiar with the ship and where everything is and what is next to what and try to become acquainted with the Department Heads and what each department is up to and what I can do to work with them, if I can."

First Lieutenant Surriat
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Arthur


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