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Lieutenant Junior Grade Gillian Carter, MD

Name Gillian Carter, MD

Position Nurse

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Hair Color ginger brown
Eye Color dark
Physical Description Medium build for a female always casual except when on duty. Short cropped blonde hair tends to look quite boyish (tomboy)


Father robert kel gibson
Mother Anna liegh Walker
Brother(s) Paul Summers Gibson shuttle pilot SB16
Other Family Aunt Sienna Grace Walker
Uncle Mark Vincent walker

Personality & Traits

General Overview Allergic to Retanox and all derivatives of
Is not a girly girl, very much a tomboy
Short cropped hair prefers boots, jeans and t shirts to a dress
Spends most of her spare time barefoot
Strengths & Weaknesses Sets her self deadlines in work and does not like to fail
Studies for at least an hour a day
Prefers her own company most of the time
Ambitions to be the best she can be
Hobbies & Interests Kickboxing
Motorbikes and cars
Is an excellent sketch artist

Personal History Paul and Gillian were adopted at a young age by the councillor of there parents ship after they were both lost in battle. Both of them grew up on star ships and learn what they could of Starfleet from the various crews. They were both schooled on star ships and did well. Paul finished school with higher marks than Gillian but Gillian was always the more practical of the two.

However Gillian seemed to have a history of falling foul of doing the right thing. Gillian ended up in front of the education tribunal of more than a few occasions for fighting, betting and drinking offences.

Gillian almost lost her right to distance study at the academy after organising a bare knuckle fight tournament while on placement. She was seriously injured in the process ahter being thrown by her arm into a bulkhead and now has a Biosynthetic limb (left arm and 4 replacement rib bones on left side) All her medical have been passed with out problem.This scared Gillian into channelling her attitude into properly controlled sport, she began to take lessons in kickboxing.

After alienating almost every one on her second ship she threw herself into studying to stop her from feeling lonely. Gillian did well in her studies after that and was accepted to specialise in medicine but at a cost. Gillian became with drawn and depressed and spent many months in cancelling before deciding to move on to a new ship for a fresh start.

Gillian's reputation for being insubordinate was well known and she was put on her next ship on a trial basis but she kept her self to her self and worked hard graduating near the top of her class and joining her ships sickbay as a junior doctor.

Gillian still had a lot to prove and studied at every opportunity and improving her knowledge and skills set with steady marks. Over the next few years although being low in rank due to her record Gillian was given a rare opportunity by the Admiral who had adopted her. Gillian was transferred to the USS Condor as ACMO after spending time on shore leave at the Admirals residence and showing how much she had grown up and changed the only thing holding her back now was her record of insubordination and violent conduct a record that she hoped would not haunt her entire career.

Gillian seemed to fit in well on the Condor and for the first time in years began to relax and enjoy her role, she even took a councillors training course passing with a b+ but again it was short lived as she found herself thrown into a new role the role of Acting CMO after a three day battle meant a high portion of the ships crew including a number of the medical team were lost.

The Condor took serious damage and it was several months before the made it to the nearest base under impulse power. Gillian worked hard determined to save as many of the crew in her care as possible. Working with only one hand and drugged up on strong painkillers after a bulk head collapsed crushing Gills left arm. It was no easy task

With in hours of reaching the safety of Betazed Gillian received a message that she was being drafted to the USS Vicotry as the new Councillor and general medic. but with no news on her rank

Gillian’s heart sank she had hopped that her next promotion would also be a rank promotion but it was not to be the errors of her teenage years continued to haunt her.

Medical History

Allergic to Retanox and all derivatives of

Several listings of medical overnight stays in her teenage years for various injuries from street fights and boxing

left arm and hand replaced by a cybernetic substitue

History of several broken bones and dislocations.

period of depression while training to be a medic
Service Record Certificate of Starfleet high school education grade B
Academy basic training grade B
Academy Medical School training grade A
Advanced surgical training
Command exam pass grade B (restricted due to record)
Emergency field Medicine
Emergency Field Trauma
Emergency triage trainer certificated
Academy councelors course pass grade B

Hand to hand physical combat
kick box brown belt

General schooling USS Aytonian
Starfleet training USS Lancaster and USS Haven
Starfleet medical training USS Haven
ensign USS Haven
Ensign and promotion to LTJG USS Condor
ACMO USS Condor with promotion to Acting CMO USS Condor
Councillors exams Uss Condor
Drafted to Councillor USS Victory