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Commander Zenaida Neniphim

Name Zenaida Neniphim

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 220
Hair Color Vibrant Red
Eye Color Emerald Green
Physical Description Standing Six foot tall, Tara looks like a mythical Amazon from earth. Tall, strong, beautiful. There is a patch of freckles beneath both eyes, and across her nose, her height is mostly leg and neck, with a torso that would be considered just under normal if anyone looked closely enough. She walks with a slight limp on her right side due to a sky diving incident from when she was in her early 20's, and the bone didn't heal exactly right


Spouse None
Children None
Father George Neniphim (Farmer)
Mother Nikki Neniphim (Diplomat)
Brother(s) Micheal Duncan Neniphim (Farmer)
Sister(s) Nikki Dawn Duncan (Married twice, four kids)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Strong willed, Tara always saw herself in a command position, even as a young girl playing war games with the boys in her neighborhood on Octor 3 she woul dalways be put in charge of what game, and what time they all went home. She refused to ever marry after her sisters first marriage, afraid that a man would ever have the same power over her that they had over her sister. In some situations she will back down easily, still a scared little girl when it comes to explosive attitudes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths- Scored high on the Intelligence Quotient, strong, an excellent fighter, easily takes command in certain situations

Weakness- Males that are explosive in their attitudes, she has a deep fear of being abused like her sister was.
Ambitions She wants to run for President of the Federation later in life after reaching the rank of Admiral, also wants to find a space faring people that has never been found before, establishing first contact.
Hobbies & Interests She is a writer, if she has any free times she is usually jotting something down about one of the novels she's writing. She also has taken a distinct liking to the hard sciences, and wishes to be useful in other departments on board any ship that she is on.

Personal History Zenaida was born as a set of twins, her and her sister Nikki. Born to a farmer and a Federation Diplomat, they knew who their mother was even when they didn't get to see her often. They lived on a Federation colony, waking up every morning to help their father with the crops before heading off to school, then going back home and working on the farm again. Their father would often refuse to use the machinery that was available, teaching his daughters the old way of working with their hands. From the age of five to sixteen their days were filled with school and farm work. That all changed when the twins hit 16.

Nikki had met a boy at school, and started to let her chores slip. Zen continued to work for two people. Her father understood that young women were bound to find their first love and forget that they needed to do things at home or that they needed to be out with their friends. He would constantly tell Zenaida to do the same thing, but she would decline. Her life was about helping her father and the colony with food and other things to enhance the lives of those around her. The relationship her sister was in lasted for about a year before the worst thing that could happen did. She came home beaten. Zenaida saw red when her sister slunk into the house bruised from head to toe.

Going out that night she found the man that had beaten her sister and took her revenge. Screaming in horror and pain she used the muscles that she had spent years building by working on her fathers farm. The colonies security forces found her standing over the man still screaming as he lay in a heap. They were forced to take her into custody for assault, and she was charged by the local judges. Pleading guilty to the fact that she had taken the law into her own hand, she was forced into the colonies prison for a year. A true rehabilitation center, she was taught how to control her anger, and how to deal with situations like this in the future. During this time, she not once heard from her mother.

She was accosted by male criminals during her year in the prison, where she developed her deep fear of men with explosive tempers. After her year, she was released to her fathers custody. Her sister had taken over her spot as head of the help, and Zenaida felt like everything had changed. Her family would no longer look at her, and barely speak to her. As she neared the age of 18, a Starfleet recruiter came to the colony. She was the first to sign up, and it took six months for her to get the clearance to join the Officers Program. Doing so, she left the colony for Earth, and put her head down as she started her new career and hoped for the best.
Service Record Starfleet Academy- Command Program with a minor in Security Forces. Graduated on time number 587 out of 1500 other cadets. She was granted a position on a security detail for her own mother.

Security- USS Nova. A minor member of the security detail attached to Nikki Neniphim, Diplomat. Never left alone with her mother, this position lasted two years before she was sent on to another posting.

Security/Command- USS Crimson Tide. Still a junior officer for the Security Detail, she continued her learning with command classes. Taking over Delta Shift after a year and a half, along with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Six more months as Delta Shift Commander for Security, she is traded with another ship who needs a Command Junior Officer.

Command Junior Officer- USS New York. Zenaida was brought to Alpha Shift as a runner for the Captain of the ship, learning how to command during any situation due to her working closely with the CO and XO. After an away mission caused the death of the 2XO, Zenaida put her name in for the position, along with taking over Security if needed. Promoted to full Lieutenant, she was granted control of Security, but someone else was given the 2XO position. Working with Security, she was granted the 2XO position three years after joining the New York, and a position advancement to Lieutenant Commander. As the USS New York was forced to limp into dry dock, Zen put in for a new ship, thinking the New York would never go out into space again.

Command- USS Zeus. Present day.