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Ensign David Branch

Name David Branch

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 180
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description David stands about six foot one off the ground and has a medium build with wavy black hair. He also has brown eyes that are his mothers, and his father’s large nose. He likes to dress smartly and never goes out looking scruffy. He is usually clean shaven and has no stubble or any signs of a beard on his face.


Spouse Samantha Branch (Deceased)
Children Elizabeth Branch (age 10)
Father Johnnie Branch
Mother Jasmine Branch
Brother(s) Paul Branch
Sister(s) None
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview David is a kind man. He is strong yet gentle. He will not harm anyone, especially females. He is also rather outspoken and can sometimes get into trouble for voicing his concerns or thoughts. He is also a very private man who would rather keep his emotions and feeling bottled up inside than rather talk to someone about it. He is a decent leader, though his leadership skills do need improvement, and is good at working in a team. However, if he doesn't like the vibes from someone, he will make sure they know some way.
Strengths & Weaknesses David has major strengths in security training and techniques. He likes to see the intelligence gathering, and assimilation of information, as his strong point as he can help to keep a ship together and what he calls “true.” Another strength that he has is working with children, as he has raised his only daughter by himself for six years.

His main weakness is that he is afraid of heights and can sometimes let this overwhelm him. He is also not very good at medicine or medical treatment as he can sometimes be a bit squeamish round sickbay; therefore, he tries to avoid it unless necessary.
Ambitions David has a few ambitions that he wishes to fulfill in his life and professional career. His main ambition is raise his daughter so that she can have a stable and full life. Professionally, he wishes to climb the rank ladder in Starfleet and eventually command his own starship. Ultimately, David would end his career in Starfleet if he needed to on Elizabeth’s account; and, this has caused him great grief in the past.
Hobbies & Interests David’s main interest is exploring information deciphering and analyzation. Some of his ideas were sent to the upper-echelon of Starfleet Security and Intelligence services and were passed but those were only minor improvements. He also has an interest in mind games and detective novels/scenarios on the holodeck, where he spends instances of free time where Elizabeth is busy with school or friends.

Personal History David was born in the old United Kingdom in the heart of its capital city, London. He and his family moved shortly after his birth. He had his older brother Ryan to play with and look up to. The two got along very well as they grew up in their childhood. Their father was a local shopkeeper which sold traditional jewelry from the Alpha Quadrant. Their mother was a primary school teacher and neither had any contact with Starfleet at all.

David soon attended the primary school that his mother worked at, he took a keen interest in playing sports and running around playing during break time. David was the average child and he grew up normally wanting to learn about the world and the space around it. When he graduated his primary school, his exam results showed that he had taken an interest in literature and critical thinking as he scored the highest in those two areas.

In high school, he set his eyes on entering Starfleet after a Starfleet Captain visited the school to talk about Starfleet careers. He continued to do very well in school and focused on his literature and logical deductive skills. After years of wanting to go into Starfleet and speaking with a recruiter, he was told he had to take a specific path such as Medical, Engineering, Operations, Security, etc. David chose Security as it seemed interesting and was told it had a lead into Starfleet Intelligence.

David graduated High School with distinctions in Literature. He packed his bags with a smile as he was sent straight off to Starfleet Preparation College. There, he enrolled into the Security Academy and studied Security, Tactical, and Intelligence techniques for two years until he turned eighteen and was eligible to be enrolled into Starfleet academy, once again taking up Security and Intelligence.

At the Academy, he met a girl named Samantha who was in his basic engineering class. Over the four years of the Academy, they grew and developed a steady and stable relationship after David eventually asked her out on a date. When they graduated together at the age of 22, they decided to get married and start a family someday. They were married within three weeks of graduation. Six months later, just after David’s twenty third birthday, Samantha announced that she was pregnant.

David was excited and over the moon about finally been a father. They both signed onto the USS London, a Galaxy Class ship, because it was suitable for raising families and had Security and Engineering positions open. David and Samantha soon had a Daughter and they named her Elizabeth after Samantha's mother. For three years, they lived and served aboard the London. Unfortunately, the ship was attacked by rouge pirate forces and the Engineering section was badly damaged. Samantha was killed in the attack and Elizabeth was badly hurt, though David survived relatively unhurt.

The ship was de-commissioned and David had to deal with his loss of his wife on another ship. It was during this time that David began to reconsider his career in Starfleet, due to him worrying on the future of his family and his ability to raise Elizabeth on a Starship. He was assigned to the USS Proclaimer as an Intelligence Officer. He decided to continue his career in Starfleet, but still had reservations on the decision. After five years of service, he was transferred over to the USS Poland for four years as an Intelligence Officer.

David liked his work in Intelligence and thrived in his department. While excelling in this field, he was also being a responsible father to Elizabeth. Now at the age of thirty-two and a nine-year-old daughter too, he submitted to transfer over to the USS Arthur as an Intelligence Officer, which he obtained and transferred with Elizabeth.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
USS London
USS Proclaimer
USS Poland
USS Arthur