Posting and Posting Quality

1.) All players are required to post at least one post every 14 days. This includes solo post, joint posts, and logs. EXCEPTION:Massive JPs that involve the entire crew DO NOT count towards monthly posting requirements.

2.) All solo post must reach a minimum length of 500 words (One page in Word). As well as the length the post must be broken into paragraphs to improve readability.

3.) Joint Post must reach a minimum length of 500 words per participant. For example, if the JP contains three character then the post must have a minimum length of 1500 words (three pages in Word). The only exception to this rule is any massive jp used by the Command staff to move along the plot.

4.)All posts must be proofread for readability and grammar efficiency. Any posts that are too hard to read or contain too many grammar errors will be returned to the writers for editing.

5.) Each writer is given a learning curve in regards to these posting requirements. With that said if it is determined by Command that a player's writing is not achieving the minimum posting quality they will be placed on moderation. After two months of moderation with no improvement then Command reserves to the right to:
1.) Demote
2.) Remove from Chief position
3. )Dismiss player.

While this last rule might sound harsh it is reserved for only the most extreme cases.

Etiquette and Behavior Expectations

1.) Follow the golden rule..."Do onto others as you would have them do onto you." The Command Staff of USS Arthur maintains a "Zero Tolerance Policy" in regards to this rule. While all altercations will be handled objectively, if it is found that your behavior is grossly out of line you will be asked to leave the ship. Keep in mind this rule is designed to maintain a fun and stress free creative outlet for everyone.